Return & Refund Policy


Last revised: March 5, 2018

AutoRebuilders is a broker service.  We represent varies auctions and selling channels to resale items on our website.  We operate with business assumed names of: Truck Country Stores, RebuiltToys.com.

Return Policy:

We do not accept returns.  We do not offer any refunds, no exceptions. 

You can however relist your item if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Relist Policy:

We can resale your item at the same auction location as purchased for a fee.  You can resale your item at any time at any affiliate auction location.

You are responsible for getting the item to the auction location.

The following fees apply:

Listing Fee    $185.00

Your item will be auctioned for up to three times.  You will be notified of each final auction value and you have the option to accept or decline.  Once declined the decline is final, it can't be extended or reversed. After a period of three times you can choose to relist the item again.  Your item can be relisted as many times as you like, but the listing fee applies every three times and is paid upfront.

Once your item sells at the auction you will be charged 2% of the final auction fee.  This comes off the price of the sale of the auction.  The remaining money will be sent to you in the form of a check payable to the name on file and to the address on file.

In the event your item is not sold at the auction you are responsible for pickup of the item.